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Nophica's Bosom's vision is to provide a laid-back and fun atmosphere for our FC members to enjoy the game and build life-long friendships while experiencing end-game raids, primals, and other content in Final Fantasy XIV.

  • Golden rule.
    No shaming, no pointing fingers, no snark, no theft, no backstabbing, no drama. Treat your fellow FC/linkshell mates as human beings. We do not slander or grief other raid sets, linkshells, or other FCs.

  • Being active.
    We are an active FC with active members always seeking to help the FC grow. Not all events are mandatory but helping others, whether it is clearing content or funding the company chest, supports our vision. Mandatory events/discussions will be declared with proper notice to FC members. Members must give at least 24 hours notice if they cannot make a mandatory event. Long periods of inactivity/multiple mandatory absences is ground for removal from the FC.

  • Scheduling.
    Nophica's Bosom has an active calendar. The FC will put events on this calendar and members are expected to check the calendar for events. Set groups may use this calendar to schedule events.

  • Forums.
    Nophica's Bosom has active forums. News bulletins will typically appear on the front page with links to the forums for the notice and/or discussion. Event and set discussions are also available on the forums. Members may be required, with notice, to post in threads to give feedback. Members who repeatedly do not post in mandatory forum threads may be removed from the decision making process and/or removed from the FC.

  • Staying connected.
    The FC may use other communication software for PC or mobile such as Skype, Line, or other programs. The purpose is to further communication outside of the game and help with strategy/planning of events. Use of these programs is not mandatory but is strongly encouraged. Members are expected to post their alternate contact methods in a designated forum post.

  • Third party programs.
    We do not condone nor condemn the use of third party software, however breaking SE's code of conduct is discouraged and is grounds for removal from the FC.

  • Parsing.
    Parsing with the purpose of publicly shaming another member/player is prohibited and is grounds for removal from the FC.

  • Voice chat
    Nophica's Bosom uses voice chat software such as Discord to communicate. It is not required but is recommended for running content with the FC. A Nophica's Bosom set has the right to make voice chat mandatory for running content with that set.

  • Recording content.
    Audio and video recording is prohibited unless those being recorded have full knowledge and have given consent to be recorded. Any recording that is not consented to may be requested to be taken down. Recording audio or video with the purpose to shame other players is prohibited and is grounds for removal from the FC.

  • Streaming content.
    Streaming is prohibited unless those being streamed have full knowledge and have given consent to be streamed. Any streaming that is not consented to may be requested to be stopped. This includes streaming audio.

  • Loot rules.
    Nophica's Bosom believes, for the sake of fairness, that loot should go to those who can use the gear/loot for the benefit of the set/FC and loot rules should be decided up front, if possible. Each individual set may make their own loot rules depending on the content.

  • Property.
    The FC house is shared by all. We encourage members to use the company chest, to help with gardening, and to use the chocobo stables. Items for gardening and chocobos may be available in the company chest for members to use. Please be respectful of the housing decor and items in the company chest. Not all FC members will have housing/chest permissions and permissions may be changed by leadership without notice.

    Members may have a decorated room at the FC house if space is available. Members who choose to leave the FC will be given a minimum of three Earth days from the time the departing member gives notice to gather the items from their room. Members who leave/are kicked from the FC will need to obtain their room belongings from the specified NPC, as set by FFXIV.

  • Leadership.
    We expect all leaders/officers to be active in game and in the FC. Leaders should put the FC first in all decisions. Leaders should be fair to all concerned in FC discussions. Leaders are expected to deescalate situations and be respectful to all FC members. Leaders/officers who are inactive may be demoted and/or removed from the FC.

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