Cinnamon Riesling Boob Wrangler replied

155 weeks ago

Here's the un-edited version of the ceremony (50 min). 720@60fps!!!


Here's the edited version with only cut scense…sorta. (10 min)

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Yelta Sumasu Admin replied

155 weeks ago

Like x 2 ^^

Thanks so much for recording and posting these

skullz Nips replied

155 weeks ago

lol i love it, biggest person in the game and smallest person. i love this addition to ff14. srry i missed it, had to work.

Kariri Sumasu Admin replied

155 weeks ago

So fantastic! Thanks Cinna! I actually got to see the ceremony this way. ^.^

Cin Liatho Bosom Buddy replied

155 weeks ago

Ooh yay can't wait to see this when I get home.

Frei Casull Boob Caster replied

155 weeks ago

Here's some of the screenshots from the night. I took some video but I have to edit it down a bit. Sneaking it onto my video machine at work, lol.
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